Some of our projects



Audits system for 5S standard. Calendarized audits, customized checklists, customized items and grades (evaluation scales), e-mail notificacions and reminders, graphic results reports.


AIC - Inspection

Quality assurance system (inspection process on production line). Multiple clients, part numbers, inspection methods, defects catalog and evidence/support images.



Administration of categories, products and services. Inventory movements log (inputs and outputs). Sales notes and invoices creation. Clients administration, quotations and payments control.


Tests Documents

Documentation, tests and processes control. Files are uploaded for validation, expiration dates automatically calculated and update responsibles are notified when expiration date is close.


Access Control

Customers and visits access control. Administration of suppliers documentation (SSN, DC3 forms, contracts, work sheets, credentials). Places visited record and internet access requests. Cafeteria access passes.


Equipment Control

Access control for laptops and other devices. Barcodes are scanned to validate in/out process on both the device and users' credential. No device can exit without previous enter record and viceversa.


KPIS & Projects

KPIS measurement, tracking and statistics. Tooling and inventory administration and control. Projects life cycle tracking based on assigned activities, profiles and responsibles. E-mail notifications and alerts.

BE Turnos

Shift Handover

Areas, production lines and shifts administration. Customized checklists for every area, line and shift handover process. Calendar view with color status for each day and shift per week (completed, alert and ongoing).



Change management tracking tool. Customized profiles and activities for each process phase. Flow control of each phase and evidence required for upgrade: enter, decide, classify, analyze, realize and close. Gantt charts, email reminders, graphic and excel results reports.


Cafeteria POS

Multiple shifts and schedules allowed. Credentials validation (code bar scanner on point of sale). Food or products consumption discounts per employee or department. Cafeteria service requests from meeting rooms (previously scheduled or real time).


Documentation Control

Administration and storage of manuals, processes sheets, instructions, procedures and policy documentation. New/updated status notification on every document. Search fields and filters per departments, categories and document name.



Employees information, vacations and absences control. Tools and products inventory administration. Invoices and quotations management. Clients and suppliers administration. Message board, birthdays calendar, savings and employees loans management.



Administration of suppliers, customers and part numbers. Cases creation/update (activities, profiles and responsibles). Activities flow control and evidence required on every step. Graphic reports of recovery rates. Inventory control and storage capacity real time monitoring.



Administration of production lines, material, products and defects catalog. Users upload damaged material specifications, quantity and reason. Validation required from profile responsibles depending on defect before material disposal.


FR Intranet

Administration of employees, purchase orders, payment orders and bank accounts movements. Management of inventory and products/tools stock. Payments follow up (partial payments allowed). Messages board, news feed and birthdays calendar.


Impotrack CSC

Full supply chain management: import forms creation, forms validation and importer authorization, flow control (forwarders, custom brokers, local transportation), invoices control, tariffs files (masive upload) for each supplier and payments control.



Courses and exams management (calendar and list views). Users curriculum on graphic visualization with color indicators for each course - taken, ongoing, recommended. Competencies assignment based on development plans.



Internal and external courses creation. Control and assignment of competencies based on position/role requirements. Training levels administration based on production line requirements - DNC, DC3 forms, DC4 forms and Kardex.



Suggestions and new ideas online mailbox. Registration, validation and flow control: approval, implementation, financial impact, metrics impact and audit process. Points and rewards for each employee based on submited ideas.